Five Reasons it Pays to Stage
1 Turbo Boost Sales Time
Experts all agree and studies show staged homes sell quicker than non-staged homes. Sometimes 30-50% faster in most areas. This is more important then most people realize because the longer a home is on the market...the greater chance for a price reduction.

2 First Impressions Last a Lifetime
People’s first impression of your listing is critical. Staging gives you the best opportunity to make a positive first impression rather than a negative one. The stronger the impression the less likely a potential buyer will be bothered if some things aren’t perfect.

3 Gone In 60 Seconds…
Psychology experts have proven that people react based on emotion and then seek logic to back up the feeling. From a real estate perspective, a buyer will make an initial reaction in less than a minute whether they like your listing or not. Then, after the potential buyer’s initial decision has been made, they will either confirm that decision or rescind it in the next 6 to 20 minutes as they tour the property.

4 Ready, Set, Go – Move-In Ready Sells Faster
A properly staged listing not only appears to be in “Move-In Ready” condition, but it really is. Staging a house for sale means that every component of the house is as close as possible to model condition. All buyers prefer to buy home where they can just move-in and start enjoying life. They will even pay a premium for this.

5 Show Me The Money!
The better a home shows – the higher it will sell for which means more dollars in your pocket. Non-staged homes are more likely to require price reductions in order to sell as opposed to staged homes, which are more likely to enjoy a number of offers, possibly a bidding war or a sale above the asking price.
–Courtesy of ReStage Home Staging

 Appliance Care & Maintenance Tips to Make Appliances Last
Bad habits cost you; good habits save thousands. Read on and save big on appliance repairs with these maintenance tips.
Clean Refrigerator Coils
If your refrigerator stops working on a hot day, suspect the coils. Service pros find this problem on half of their refrigerator calls. On many fridges, you get to the coils by removing the front grille. Then push a coil cleaning brush (sold at home centres) into the coils, pull it back and vacuum it clean. If the coils are located on the back, pull out your fridge to clean them. Bonus: The clean coils will cool more efficiently and save you money on your utility bill!

Avoid Overloads
You may think you're saving time, water or energy by cramming more clothes into your washer and dryer. But overloading any washer or dryer causes damage to motors, belts and other moving parts. Some of the repairs are so expensive that you're better off buying a new machine.

Recalibrate Your Oven Temperature Setting
If the temperature in your oven seems off, or if your new oven just doesn't heat like your old one, you can recalibrate the temperature setting. Use the instructions in your manual or go online and search for a downloadable version using your oven's model number. Place a good-quality oven thermometer on the centre shelf and wait for the oven to maintain a constant temperature. Then follow the procedure outlined in your manual to match the temperature setting to the thermometer reading.

Keep the Dishwasher Clean
When your dishwasher no longer gets your dishes clean, a food-filled filter is most often to blame. If it's clogged, water can't make it to the spray arms to clean the dishes in the top rack. The fix takes two minutes. Simply pull out the lower rack and remove the filter cover inside the dishwasher. Then use a wet/dry vacuum to clean off the screen.

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